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So… How Do I Start?

June 17, 2009

Making the decision to home school can be tough. Doing it right can be tougher. Sometimes it’s so difficult and confusing with so many resources, curriculum, approaches, opinions, and all of that other wonderful stuff out there. It’s so easy to get lost into the confusing avenues.

The state rules and regulations are actually pretty simple. Contact your local school district for what ever forms you have to fill out and you’re ready to go.

The tough part is choosing the curriculum… and thinking too much about how you’re going to do, how will you teach your kid, how will you do this and that. Tackle one thing at a time. There are many great curriculums to choose from out there. Here are the steps to choosing what’s best for you:

1. Research the different approaches: Classical, traditional, unschooling, unit study, living-book, mixed, and eclectic. That might sound like a lot and may be daunting to research. Insh’allah, we will write an article dedicated to each type as we continue our research as well.

2. After you have researched the approaches, decide on which books to get. If you are going to buy the books, I suggest going local first. Craigslist is pretty helpful. I found a Saxon Algebra 2 Home school Kit for $20. Pretty good for a set worth a hundred bucks. For textbooks, I do not suggest buying a brand new one, unless you can get it for dirt cheap :D. It will cost you a fortune (at least the higher education ones will). Used rocks! You can always resell them. It’s always great to go beyond the core subjects of math, science, reading, and social studies. Do some art, gardening, baking, physical education, the opportunities are endless.

3. Plan well.  Great planning gives great results. Make sure you plan your syllabus and make lesson plans before the start of the school year. Oh, always plan on having fun! Make sure there are many activities that circulate outside the home.

I know this seems like a really tiny and uninformative post… but I will write a bit more on the different approaches and things in the coming posts…

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