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The Best Math Curriculum Ever!

July 5, 2009

I’ve just discovered the best Math curriculum ever. I am the type that HATES math. I loathe it. I suck at it, if I may be true to myself. I started doing terrible in Math after things got too complex: Pre-Algebra. But I’m not the only one that hates math. There are thousands of kids out there, who hate math. Ok, fine, half the kids in this country hate school, in whatever form it may be. Most of them think Math is useless. I don’t know how it’s useful, I just know it IS useful, if only there was a curriculum that connected real life to math… Hmm… Guess what? There is one.

Math U See has a very well developed way of teaching Math. I so should’ve gotten this for Algebra 2 instead of Saxon :(. Order the catalog and watch the demo CD that comes with it. I’m sure there’s nothing that can stop you from using this curriculum after that!

“Math·U·See’s goal is to help produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math. The reason we study math is so we can apply what we learn in everyday situations. The students learn their math facts, rules, and formulas, and are able to use this knowledge in real life applications. The study of math is much more than committing a list of facts to memory. It includes memorization, but it also encompasses learning the concepts that are critical to problem solving.”

Isn’t that awesome :D?

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