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To a Mother…

November 9, 2009

*I wrote this sonnet for Lit class… And I have to say, I’m proud of it 😀 since it’s the first time I successfully found rhyming words.*

To a Mother…

They rough hands more soothing than lavender,
Thy motherly whiff more calming than chamomile.
Thy resistance is strong as that of a fir,
And they beauty and grace condensed to a smile.

They anger can be more stinging than ginger,
Yet thy good humored words more sweet than honey.
They wise advice more euphoric than pepper,
Thy velvety touch softer than that of a bunny.

You bore me patiently as you would a garden,
Until flowers flawless and leaves whole.
You ensured I felt I was in Eden,
When in reality, for you, it was a pit hole.

I cannot repay in worldly measures,
Thus your reward shall be heavenly pleasures.

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