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Muslim Homeschooler is Back!

November 16, 2011


Muslim Homeschooler is back, though she is more of a Muslim Mommy these days.

Some major changes my life went through in the past year, in order of importance:

– The M key on my keyboard ran away.
-We, as in my husband and I (oh did I mention that I got married?) went for Hajj last year.
 – I got married to a great man.
 -I had a baby girl.
-I had an emergency c-section. Remembering it makes me want to cry.

-I like my mother-in-law :). She’s cool.
-I started a home-based business via Etsy.

Major changes, yes. I feel like a totally different person. I lost so much of my former self, yet gained so much. Anyways, I’ll be back for something more exciting once I’ve had a chance to rest my vegetative mommy brain which had to wake up twice last night.

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