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Curriculum Resources

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Florida Virtual School

Florida Virtual School

FLVS is a online e-learning program spanning from 6th grade to 12th grade. It offers a large variety of online courses which award credits. Free for Florida residents.

Prestige Academy

Prestige Academy

The FIRST EVER Islamic home school program. Serves students from 9-12th. Fully accredited. According to us? The best program out there…

North Atlantic Regional School is a real brick building school system based in Maine which awards diplomas to home school high school students and converts home schooled work (done with textbooks and such) into credit. A unique program.

K12 is another “public” education aimed towards home schooling families. We have never had any experience with this school, it does look good though. Everything looks good as long as it’s not fully based online :). It’s available in most states, though high school may NOT be available in all states (for example, Florida, hmph).

Connections Academy is awesome. It looks awesome ’cause it is. They are a home-schooled based program available in lots of states (check site for more info). Some states offer high school and some don’t (again, like Florida, hmph!). They provide all the equipment and such including teachers and even a computer. One of the best programs around for middle schoolers (unless your state qualifies for high school too, then you’re so lucky). Best of all, it’s free. Ugh, again, if your state qualifies!

Calvert School is an exceptional program. Sadly, like MANY other programs out there, it does not offer high school. They provide books, teacher guides, and supplies for a fee. And trust me, their fees are NOTHING compared to Islamic schools with… ahem, a not so competitive curriculum.

And then of course, you can ALWAYS design your own curriculum, but we always recommend that you use these awesome ready made available at your fingertips (literally) state of the art curriculums. You don’t find that many high school programs out there, so Prestige is the BEST for that (the fees are fully worth it)… but if you still can’t afford that, GET BOOKS!

What about an Islamic Studies curriculum? We’re still newbies at that despite being high school seniors and juniors :). We are still searching for awesome books for Islamic Studies. Check out our “Islamic Studies” page.

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  1. rurta permalink
    June 17, 2009 11:05 pm

    Your blog is very informative and offers alot of ideas.

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