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What is Home Schooling?

Every time we meet new people, the first thing they ask us, “So which school do you go to?” And we must reply, “Oh, we’re homeschooled!”

Some let out an “oh” of unsureness, and some of interest. And many go on to ask a bunch of questions. Sometimes we have fun answering them, you know, you become the center of attention :D, but sometimes… gah.

I’m sure most of you who have never had much exposure to home schoolers or have stereotypes, which are legitimate, because maybe you don’t know much about us :).

Home schooling is schooling dictated by the parent. We strongly believe that the parent is the driving force. They are the mentors and the guides, they are the ones who decide what the child will learn… they are the ones that choose what books/curriculum/whatever else they will use. They are in charge. They are (or should be) the source of motivation and excellence. We also believe some people can’t do home schooling, like… FOBs? No no, we’re not being rude, we’re just stating the obvious. (FOB is fresh off the boat, it’s a totally different thing if you’re an established FOB.)

So really, what does homeschooling have to offer that a public/private school education does not offer? We believe that homeschooling allows you to think out of the mainstream beliefs of society. It’s a form of free education. You are allowed to study what you want, when you want. Make your favorite “subjects” your priority and excel in them… be flexible like those bendy rulers.

Homeschooling provides an opportunity for well-being of your child. Not only a safer social environment (your masjid, community, family, etc.)… It provides an opportunity to learn and do things you could not do otherwise if you went to a normal school. Extra-curricular activities are abundant…

We also believe that it’s the parents responsibility to educate and nurture the mental and physical well-being of their child. Throwing your child in a daycare or even into a school just because you think you can’t handle them is like freeing yourself of your parental responsibilities. You are depriving yourself and your child of the beautiful bond between a mother and her child. You have no control over what your child is learning… who knows? They may be learning something YOU don’t want them to. You’ll NEVER know what your child learns in school unless you are his/her teacher! The parents are the child’s first teacher. It is important that they are stable and knowledgeable themselves in order to give their children the BEST knowledge they can.

Speaking of knowledge, what is knowledge? And what is education? Education is the formal training given in any schooling system, whether it be public or private, and sometimes even homeschooling. It is rock solid and there are certain subjects that must be studied in order to have a proper “education”. Knowledge is what shapes the mind… what allows us to communicate with the world. Knowledge is to be put to test. It is gained through experience. It is to be used to the best of our ability. It is not a degree or a paper that certifies us… It’s everything. It’s the knowledge of our deen which is COMPULSORY upon us as well as the knowledge of society and the world we live in, in a broader perspective.  There is a broad contrast between education and knowledge… An education can perhaps get you a high paying job, but it will not get you anywhere near the status of the one with knowledge, who will be rewarded with its fruits not only in this world, but in the Akhirah (hereafter) as well.

Knowledge is the common sense within us. It is what shapes us to be adults… Our values, our morals… What we do builds our identity. It is solely the parents responsibility to insert Islamic morals and help build an Islamic identity in their children. Islamic schools will NOT do that for you. It’s YOUR job, given to you by Allah. So do it well :).

So to conclude, this was just a short snippet of what and why we home school… See, we have to much to say, that an entire essay isn’t even enough. Keep reading our blog to know more…

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  1. February 15, 2010 4:40 pm

    Love it.

    one question : D how do you define an established FOB? 😀 technically i may be a FOB, and that is why it requires me a lot of research to homeschool, but it’s not impossible.

    • February 19, 2010 5:03 pm

      lool! Judging from your blog, I don’t think your a FOB. I’m talking FOB as in someone ACTS like one… they’re out of touch with the society at large, for the most part. I don’t know how to define FOB… I think it has to do with your openness to accept different cultures but no assimilate into it, you know what I mean? Like take a desi FOB, they’re totally clingy to their back home mentality which really can’t be put in the same boat as Islam.

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